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$$ The Blue Boar, Cobden Illinois

The Blue Boar is tucked away among the forested hills outside Anna (and yes, it is a Cobden address but it is just beyond the city limits North of Anna) and is in my opinion the nicest of very limited dining experiences in Anna.

Known for their barbeque catering, the menu is surprisingly varied. From pulled pork to crawfish étouffée our lunch entrée’s were good, there was a hic-cup on the Greek salad but the manager made it right. We returned a couple of weeks later for breakfast, and again it was a good selection, generally well done.

 I can’t go further without mentioning excellent and fully trimmed Bloody Mary’s at an Amazing $3.00 price. OK, I had to get that out as it’s the only menu item ordered during lunch and breakfast visits.

π π π      pi’s for the strength of the variety and preparation
π π π 1/2  pi’s for the generally pleasing nature of the place, inside and out.


  1. The food is excellent!! Yes, the Bloody Marys are outrageously good. If you want a great hidden treasure, visit Blue Boar/Great Boars of Fire.

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